December 15, 2007

Photo of the Week: Dec. 9, 2007

HOW I GOT THE SHOT: Luck often plays a part in getting a good photograph, but planning, preparation and alertness increase your chance of getting lucky. I shot this photo many years ago and despite numerous technical faults, its power is immense. Although absorbed in the unique energy of this holy spot on my first visit to Israel, I noticed the two men approaching each other from opposite ends of the plaza. I reacted quickly by positioning myself midway between them. Elderly men with canes don't move very fast, but I still had only enough time to lift the camera and shoot. This photograph is a testament to the fact that images don't need to be perfect to convey strong sentiments. I never could have envisioned this shot when I woke up that morning, but I did see it coming, albeit only seconds before I snapped it. Sometimes, seconds are all you have. Unless, of course, you're also lucky.

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