September 13, 2011

Photo of the Week: Aug. 31, 2011

HOW I GOT THE SHOT: Nature in motion, not unlike poetry, reveals its beauty in evanescent bursts. You cannot photograph something without first seeing it. Yet some images don't really exist, except in our imagination, until the still camera freezes the rushing tide and uncovers a hidden pearl in a few scattered, battered seashells. Seconds later, grace and elegance are wiped clean by another wave.

On the shore of Nizzanim Beach, between Ashkelon and Ashdod, I noticed these shell fragments during a casual late-afternoon stroll. I stopped to study the wave action and marveled at how each shell left a kind of footprint in the receding tide. I like this shot for its minimalism. Just sand and a few shells, yet each one gains prominence and invites individual examination. The falling sun elongates the shadows. Another click and a moment unseen is captured for eternity.

Technical Data: Nikon D300, 28-105 macro zoom at 44mm, f8 @ 1/320th sec., ISO 400.

1 comment:

rutimizrachi said...

"You cannot photograph something without first seeing it."

Actually, you are the person who pointed out that this is not necessarily true. You reminded us to actually see the world, to experience its beauty, rather than to merely photograph it. I give you credit for the fact that I now occasionally leave my camera at home in order to "be in" an event, rather than merely cataloging it.

But if I stop being argumentative, and actually hear your comment... it is true that a great photographer must surely see the thing, deeply see it, before he can capture it in a way that allows his audience to appreciate it.

Thank you for seeing the beauty of Israel so well, and sharing.