March 04, 2014

Photo of the Week: Feb. 20, 2014

HOW I GOT THE SHOT: We are in the midst of a quiet revolution. The march of technology has stirred an awakening: the battle for our attention is being lost. Living with full awareness –with all senses alert and engaged – is the most powerful way to live. It is called mindfulness and its practice is essential to photography.

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One of the devilish devices that diverts our attention is the digital camera. Ironically, the camera is also an invaluable tool abetting the practice of mindfulness. In our pursuit of pictures, our mind learns to focus and concentrate on seeing better. It becomes more aware.

That is why I can spontaneously walk into an ordinary nursery and make a beeline for a single flower – a perfect purple kalanit (anemone) – draw my camera and fire off a single shot. And as I raise the camera to my eye, I can see the entire image, from the point of focus to the kaleidoscopic background. I know immediately where to stand, how high to hold the camera, which lens to use and which settings to select. I am quick and direct in my choices, because my mind, as well as my eyes, is unburdened by distraction, wide open and clear.
TECHNICAL DATA – Camera: Nikon D700, handheld, manual exposure, center-weighted metering mode, f/5 at 1/200th sec., ISO 200. Raw file converted to Jpeg. Lens: Nikon 24-70mm zoom at 70 mm. Date: Dec. 24, 2013, 3:39 p.m. Location: Baka neighborhood, Jerusalem.

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